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Stair Refinishing & Repair

newly furnished wood steps

We guarantee this is not a service you would have seen anywhere else thus far, and if we are being completely honest with you, it is actually one that many people need and are simply not aware that they do. Fortunately, as we are sure you have already gathered by running through our website, at Hudson we are all about offering our clients in both the commercial, retail, and residential sectors the most holistic approach humanly possible, and our staircase refinishing and repair solution is no different. See what this unique solution has to offer then give us a call.


Tread Lightly

Most of the work one will encounter in the process of completing this solution will focus on the treads on the staircase itself. Now many people are not sure what these are there for, and we will get into that later. Right now the only thing we need you to know is that no matter what work needs to be done on your tread work, all you have to do is get in touch with our experts at Hudson Hardwood Floors and they will gladly take care of any questions and queries you might have.


What Are They

As we have already mentioned, not many people are aware of what the treads on their staircases are actually for, and if we ask them to guess, you will not believe some of the responses we get. At the end of the day, these treads have a dual purpose. First and foremost, they are there to provide you with a bit of slip protection, just in case you miss placing your foot. Secondly, they are there to add a bit of aesthetic appeal. So now that you know what they are, and their purpose, you can decide if we are the company for you.



This is an element and attribute that runs through every aspect of our business. No matter what the project might be, you can bet your bottom dollar that our highly trained, friendly experts will do their absolute best to deliver the quality you deserve and have always been searching for. Now our staircase refinishing and repair solution is no different. It is designed to not only deliver the quality you have been looking for, but we guarantee by the time we are done it will give you so much more. Put all this to the test by calling us today.


Use The Best

Now we are almost certain that you have not seen many other companies offering this service if any at all. This should tell you something about what you can expect from them, just as the fact that we do offer it should tell you what you should expect from us. At the end of the day, nobody wants the next best thing, they want the best thing, no matter what it takes. When you choose us that is precisely what you will be getting, the best of the best. Our experts are standing by to prove this, and you will be 100% satisfied by the time we are done.

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