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Retail & Commercial Hardwood Floors

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For our retail and commercial clients, we have created a specific department that is well equipped to deal with all their needs and so much more. No matter what it takes, we guarantee we have the ideal solution to suit your specific business, no matter what industry you might find yourself in. In the business world however talk is cheap, and to show you that we mean business, we believe in turning our words into action. Have a look through our website to gain a deeper understanding, and once you are satisfied, please give us a call.



The last thing we want to do is disturb the daily functioning of your enterprise. Ultimately you still need to be making money, especially if you are paying us. So to ensure that everyone is kept happy, we would be more than willing to pop round and do the job whenever it suits you. We will even pop round after hours to get it done if that is what it takes. There are no limits to what we would do, and if you want to see this for yourself, all you have to do is get in touch and we will do the rest.



In many cases when our commercial or retail clients choose our hardwood flooring options as their preferred solution we fully understand that it will need a bit of extra protection to handle the daily abuse. This is why we will always suggest that our clients inform their suppliers that the flooring will be used for commercial purposes. Once you have all the materials in place, one of our expert teams will pop around and get the job done professionally and efficiently. See for yourself what we are capable of by reaching out today.



Just as a hardwood floor can turn one's home from the ordinary to the extraordinary, so it can do the same to your retail or commercial space. Now to help you achieve this, we needed to make sure that we had the variety you needed. Not just when it came to what we had to offer, but also when it came to the techniques we were able to deploy to get the job done. For a better understanding of what the word variety means to us, give our experts a shout and they will answer all your questions.


Maintenance Services

Now once we have completed the installation of your brand new hardwood floor, we are not just going to leave you to your own devices. That would be extremely unprofessional of us. Now we completely grasp the fact that you have a business to run, and making sure your hardwood floor is always looking its best and has no major damage will be very far down on your to-do list. But it still needs to be done. To ensure it always looks its beautiful best, we would like to offer our wide range of maintenance solutions. Simply put we have all the bases covered.

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